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IAAF World Indoor Champs - men's 400m heats, semis and final report:


Men’s 400m heats report:

2010 world indoor 400m winner, Chris Brown asserted his dominance despite his 35-years in leading the fastest qualifiers with an impressive 45.84 clocking. The Olympic 4x400m relay champion claimed the fifth heat and is followed by the Czech Republic’s European indoor and outdoor champion, Pavel Maslak, who registered 46.01 for the runner-up spot behind him.

Lalonde Gordon, the Olympic bronze medallist from Trinidad and Tobago, took the first heat with 46.07 - a comfortable run-out considering he is by far the fastest man among the entrants with a swift 45.17 under his belt this winter.

Jamaica’s world outdoor 4x400m relay silver medallist, Edino Steele clocked 46.38 for second in the first heat, whilst US champion, Kyle Clemons won the fourth heat with 46.42.

Estonia’s 2006 world junior 200m champion, Marek Niit registered 46.52 for third in heat one, as the
Dominican Republic’s Olympic silver medallist, Luguelin Santos strode to a 46.54 clocking to claim heat three.

David Verburg, the world outdoor 4x400m relay champion and US silver medallist, crossed the line first in heat two with 46.62, whilst Costa Rica’s 2012 world indoor champion, Nery Brenes registered the same time for the runner-up position in the third heat.

Closing the top ten positions is Great Britain’s Nigel Levine, the 2012 4x400m relay silver medallist,
with 46.64 for third in heat three.

Men’s 400m semi-finals report:

The Czech Republic’s Pavel Maslek stamped his authority on the men’s two-lap event with a dominant 45.79 heat one victory.

The 23-year-old progressed from a swift 46.01 in the first round to assert himself as a strong contender for the gold medal and will be keen to add the world indoor crown to his European indoor and outdoor titles over the distance.

US champion, Kyle Clemons came home behind with a 46.06 clocking and 2010 world indoor winner, Chris Brown of the Bahamas registered the third fastest time of the round with 46.19 to claim the second heat.

The 35-year-old Olympic 4x400m relay champion clocked the fastest time in the qualifying round with 45.84 and could well be on course to replacing himself as the eldest medallist or winner of the event in the history of these championships. He will now become the eldest finalist in the 16 editions
of the event.

Costa Rica’s 2012 world indoor champion, Nery Brenes sped to a 46.25 season’s best in taking the runner-up spot in the second heat, as Olympic bronze medallist Lalonde Gordon finished behind with 46.29.

With an impressive 45.17 clocking under his belt this winter, the Trinidadian may well have another gear to step up to come the final.

The USA’s world outdoor 4x400m relay champion, David Verburg claimed the final qualifying position with 46.33 for second place in heat two to ensure the US have two representatives in the six-man final.

Notable names who failed to progress include Olympic silver medallist, Luguelin Santos of the Dominican Republic who finished fourth in the second heat with 46.37 and Great Britain’s Nigel Levine, the 2012 world indoor 4x400m relay silver medallist, who took the fourth spot in heat one with 46.84.

Jamaica’s world outdoor 4x400m relay silver medallist, Edino Steele was disqualified from the first
heat for a lane violation.

Men’s 400m final report:

European indoor and outdoor champion, Pavel Maslak significantly improved upon his fifth position in the 2012 edition to scorch to a 45.24 victory.

The 23-year-old Czech athlete claimed the national record to boot, beating pre-race favourite Chris Brown in the process.

The Bahamian in turn, sped to a 45.58 lifetime best – a remarkable feat considering his 35 years of age – thus becoming the eldest medallist in the 15-year history of these championships.

The 2010 world indoor 400m winner and Olympic 4x400m champion pushed Kyle Clemons into the bronze medal position – the US champion clocking 45.74.

In fourth, Clemons’ team-mate, David Verburg – the world outdoor 4x400m relay champion and US silver medallist – registered 46.21, whilst Olympic bronze medallist and world leader with 45.17, Lalonde Gordon of Trinidad and Tobago came home in 46.39.

Costa Rica’s 2012 world indoor champion, Nery Brenes put up a brave defence of his title, passing the bell in second place before fading in the home straight and jogging in with 47.32. 

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